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Programme 2017

11th Sept.
Introductive overview of XML
• Legal sources on the web: rationale, benefits, principles
• XML tutorial: Markup languages and web technologies
• Practice section: legal markup with Akoma Ntoso

12th Sept.
Introductive overview of URI, RDF and OWL
• Naming Convention of the legal resources
• Metadata and RDF foundations
• Structuring legislative documents with XML standards
• Structural markup and legal metadata with Akoma Ntoso
• Practice section: legal markup with Akoma Ntoso

13th Sept.
Structure, naming, processes in the legal domain
• Legislative traditions and drafting rules: pre-requirement of the legislative document management
• Naming legislative resource with Akoma Ntoso
• Normative references: structuring and naming
• Modelling the legislative process and the changes in legal sources
• Practice section: legal markup with Akoma Ntoso

14th Sept.
Semantic Web for the law
• Ontology basic elements
• Pattern in ontology design
• Practice section: designing an ontology
Ontology in Legal domain
• Ontology design: language, models and good practices
• Linguistic ontologies
• Legal ontologies connected with Akoma Ntoso
• NLP techniques for legal knowledge extraction
• Practice section: legal markup with Akoma Ntoso

Legal Knowledge Management
• Legal Knowledge Modelling
• Legal Knowledge Representation with LegalRuleML
• Argumentation and Legal Reasoning
• Practice section: legal markup with LegalRuleML and Akoma Ntoso

16th Sept.
• Invited Speakers
• Presentation of the projects by the student
• Assessment and evaluation Project presentation (from the students)
• Evaluation

18th and 19th Sept.
• Akoma Ntoso Dev Workshop for developers.