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Registration and fee

New brochure 2016 edition!

This 2016 edition of the LEX Summer School is organized in two courses and a workshop:

  • A Basic Course providing an introduction to XML web technologies and to basic technologies for drafting and managing standard-compliant legislative and legal documents;
  • An Advanced Course providing in-depth analysis of the higher levels of Semantic Web technologies and of their application to the legal domain: modelling of modifications, procedures and legal knowledge;
  • An Akoma Ntoso Developers Workshop of two days dedicated to the tool developers technical issues.
    FOURTH EDITION with a Challenge among the developers!!

The fee includes admission fee, teaching materials, insurance, lunches and the social dinner. Not included travel expenses and accommodation.

LEX FEE Days Regular Fee Ph.D. Students
LEX1. Basic 5-6 Sept. 2016
250 Euro 150 Euro
LEX2. Advanced course 7-9 Sept. 2016
450 Euro 200 Euro
LEX3. Dev Workshop 12-13 Sept. 2016
250 Euro 150 Euro

2 scholarships for students will be available, covering the partially the full course registration fee depending to the requests (travel and accommodation not included).

People willing to participate in the Summer School should  send by email ( the Application Form. Deadline 31st of July 2016.

For any query you may have, please contact the following references: