We seek applicants who are interested in legal drafting and in the electronic management of legal sources and who intend to work in this area in the future in the public administration, in private sector or in the research field.
LEX is designed primarily for officers of legislative bodies and other normative authorities (at the national, international, regional and local level), but its target group also includes drafters of normative texts in the private sector, editors, publishers, documentalists dealing with legal sources, experts in the electronic management of legal texts, students and researchers working in legal informatics and legislation studies.

Target: clerks, legislative offices, administrative directors, responsible of the dematerialisation in the public administration, eGov managers, technical director in the public administration, technical responsible of the document management, private publisher in the legal domain, digital library operators, operative legal drafters, technical operators, Ph.d student and researchers.

The fees are the following:

LEX FEE Days Normal Students
Basic course 2 300 Euro 150 Euro
Advanced course 4 550 Euro 250 Euro
Basic + Advanced 6 800 Euro 350 Euro
AKN Dev Workshop 2 250 Euro (200 Euro if jointed with Basic+Advanced) 150 Euro

For applying you have to fill in the application form and return to within 1st August 2019 20th August 2019 – extended (23.59 CEST TIME).